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What to expect?

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For years, both men and women have turned to Dr. Christopher J. Davidson in Wellesley, Massachusetts for tummy tucks and mini tummy tucks.  Dr. Davidson is a highly respected, board-certified, Harvard trained plastic surgeon with just the right combination of expertise and compassion.  During your initial consultation for a tummy tuck, Dr. Davidson will genuinely and respectfully listen to your desires, concerns and expectations, and together create a cosmetic surgery plan especially for you.  Dr. Davidson and his professional staff offer support and guidance every step of the way to a slimmer you!

Discover how a tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck can help you have a thinner, toner tummy.  Request an appointment online or call (781) 237-7700 to schedule your preferred consultation with our Boston cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Christopher J. Davidson.  Ask about financing options through CareCredit or Chase Health Finance.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation with Dr. Davidson, you will discuss your desires, concerns and expectations.  Dr. Davidson will examine your abdominal area and conduct a general health evaluation.  It is customary for "Before" photos to be taken for your medical records.

Dr. Davidson will explain the most appropriate tummy tuck procedure for you.  Many people combine a tummy tuck with hip liposuction for enhanced results and a more proportioned appearance.  If you are already having an abdominal surgery such as a hysterectomy or hernia repair, Dr. Davidson can perform your tummy tuck at the same time as the other surgical procedure.

Before your tummy tuck surgery, you will need to:

  • Stop smoking.
  • Talk to Dr. Davidson to find out if any of your medications should be temporarily discontinued.
  • Be medically cleared for the procedure by your primary care doctor.
  • Identify a person to drive you home from your cosmetic surgery procedure.
  • Refrain from eating or drinking after midnight the night before your procedure. It is also recommended to eat light the day before your surgery.


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Day of Procedure and Pre-op

Tummy tucks and mini tummy tucks are performed as outpatient procedures at Dr. Davidson's AAAASF Certified onsite surgical suite (operating room).  Once you arrive and change into a surgical gown, you will meet the board-certified anesthesiologist who will be present during your entire surgery. An IV line will be started in a vein in your arm, so fluids and medications can be administered.  The anesthesiologist will ask you questions and explain the anesthesia you will be receiving, and if you are anxious, may give you something to relax before the surgery begins. For this type of surgery, you will receive general anesthesia so you are completely asleep during your operation. It is important to bring a list of any medications you are taking and give it to the anesthesiologist. It is also important to tell the doctor of any allergies to medications you have.

Dr. Davidson will carefully pre-plan your surgical incision so that it can be concealed by a bathing suit.  The incision is made horizontally above the pubic hairline.  For a full tummy tuck, Dr. Davidson will correct and tighten the abdominal muscles, as well as remove excess fat and tissue above and below the belly button.  For a mini tummy tuck, Dr. Davidson will remove fat below the belly button.  A temporary drainage tube may be placed to help prevent fluid from collecting beneath the skin.

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Depending on the type and extent of your procedure, your tummy tuck will last from 1-3 hours. After your operation, you will spend time in the recovery area where you will be monitored before you are discharged to go home.  You will return home the same day of your surgery and a second person will need to drive you home.  You will receive specific aftercare instructions and the ON-Q® PainBuster® Post-Op Pain Relief System.  Your belly may appear swollen at first. This swelling can last from 2-6 weeks. With time, the swelling will reduce to reveal a new flatter, thinner abdomen. Your bandages will be changed in the first 2-5 days and your drains removed during the first week. Your sutures will be removed after 7-10 days. You will be seen in the office for follow-up care routinely until you are healed.

Do not hesitate to call the office of Dr. Christopher Davidson at (781) 237-7000 if you have any questions or concerns related to any phase of your tummy tuck procedure.

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